• Coping Skills

    List activities or skills you enjoy that can get your mind off of using.
  • Social Support

    Who are three people you can talk to if you are thinking about using?
  • Consequences

    How will your life change if you relapse? How about if you stay sober?
  • Tips to Avoid Relapse

    • Cravings will eventually pass. Do your best to distract yourself and ride it out.
    • Don't become complacent. Relapse can happen years after you've quit using. It probably won't ever be safe to "just have one".
    • Avoid situations that you know will put you at risk of relapse, such as spending time with friends who use drugs or going places that remind you of your past use.
    • The decision to relapse is made when you put yourself in risky situations, long before you actually use.
    • Don't view relapse as a failure. Falling back unto old patterns because of a slip will only make the situation worse